Welcome to Coinecta

Coinecta is a token launch platform based on the Cardano blockchain.


Our philosophy is anchored in supporting innovative and revolutionary projects looking to launch their tokens in a manner that's fair and transparent, without the help of VCs. We're driven by our commitment to fostering a robust and thriving Cardano ecosystem.
We have built a comprehensive token launch platform which simplifies the process of raising community funding, leading to quicker and more cost-effective launches with enhanced transparency. This is achieved through smart-contracts which ensure tokens are locked in vesting contracts, and distributed properly, without any human intervention. This significantly reduces the opportunity for teams to create a project simply to extract funds from the community. If they don’t follow through with their promises, the token value will diminish by the time their vested tokens unlock.
Our team comprises passionate developers, marketing staff, and experts who work collaboratively to deliver our services. We have launched a decentralized token launch platform on the Ergo blockchain, attracting several projects and millions in liquidity to the ecosystem within a year. Presently, we're developing a DAO toolkit on both Cardano and Ergo blockchains, an NFT marketplace, and also offering development, marketing, and advisory services to numerous projects.
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