Tokenomics Summary

The maximum supply of Coinecta tokens is eighty million (80,000,000 if you’re American and 80.000.000 to Europeans).

The allocations are as follows:

  • Public presale (round one): 20,000,000 - 25.00%

  • Ergopad Staker Sale (round two): 5,000,000 - 6.25%

  • Dex Liquidity: 2,500,000 - 3.125%

  • Bonus Liquidity: 1,250,000 - 1.5625%

  • FISO (ISPO) Distribution: 1,600,000 - 2.00%

  • Treasury: 5,000,000 - 6.25%

  • Marketing: 7,650,000 - 9.5625%

  • Team & Advisors: 11,000,000 - 13.75%

  • Staking Emissions: 26,000,000 - 32.5%

CNCT Utility

The main utility of the CNCT token is to reserve spots in IDOs launched through the platform. By staking CNCT tokens and reaching one of the stake tiers, you will have allocation reserved which provides reserved allocations upcoming project token launches on the Cardano blockchain.

The token will also be used to support governance decisions through on-chain voting.

DEX Locked Liquidity

We will lock liquidity on a chosen DEX. What this means is that we will add ADA/CNCT liquidity to the DEX and lock the LP tokens so that the liquidity can not be removed. This ensures there will be enough liquidity available to keep price slippage low on CNCT token trading.

Staking Emissions

Staking emissions are set to last 5 years, and will be distributed in a linear way, meaning the daily emission stays the same throughout the entire 5 years. As more tokens are distributed and more stake is added, the APY will slowly decline over that time. The Marketing and Promotions section will also be used to add bonuses from time-to-time, especially in the beginning to encourage liquidity providers.

Staking CNCT tokens is similar to staking ADA. We also hope to allow staking of CNCT-ADA LP tokens, so it will be similar to a yield farm. Staking LP tokens will include an additional bonus, due to the added risk of impermanent loss.

Ergopad Staker Round

The tokenomics include a round reserved for Ergopad stakers. The Coinecta team is also the team behind Ergopad, a launchpad on the Ergo blockchain. This is where we started, and we believe that being loyal to our initial supporters is extremely important.

We also understand that there will be new supporters joining us from the Cardano ecosystem and we wanted to ensure we balance our appreciation of both groups. If we offer too much to the Ergopad supporters, it will not be fair to anyone who joins us now.

After a lot of thought and community feedback, the decision was made to offer a small number of tokens specifically to Ergopad stakers, who will still need to purchase tokens with ADA, but will reserve their allocation using their Ergopad token stake tiers. This round will also be open to the public, but the pro-rata refund will be calculated after Ergopad stakers have received their reserved allocation.

FISO Distribution

We have selected a certain number of stake pools at random from those that signed up, and the FISO began on November 11th, 2023. A FISO is similar to an ISPO, except you keep all of your ADA and get a bonus CNCT token distribution. Anyone can check the FISO dashboard at to see the currently active pools. Stake during the FISO and claim your tokens on the Coinecta website when the FISO concludes.

Keep in mind that the calculation for the FISO will produce higher rewards when you delegate to smaller stake pools to support decentralization.

Treasury and Marketing

The treasury and marketing sections will be tokens reserved for future use. Marketing and promotions will be used to facilitate future CEX and/or Rosen Bridge liquidity as well as our planned marketing campaigns which can include things like prize giveaways, sponsoring events and other endeavors. The treasury will be typically used for things like paying community manager salaries and other expenses which make sense to pay in tokens.

Team and advisor

Team and advisor tokens will have a vesting period and cliff. All tokens in these categories have a 6-month cliff, meaning no tokens will vest during the first 6-months. After that cliff, the advisor tokens will vest linearly over an additional 18-month period. Team tokens, following the 6-month cliff, will vest linearly over a 24-month period. Collectively, advisor and team allocations will not fully vest for 2 years and 2.5 years, respectively.

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