Platform Offerings

Open-source development

All our code is open-source which allows community developers to audit the safety and efficacy of the smart contracts used. It also increases the codebase that is publicly available to others to help them bootstrap their own Cardano projects.

Community support

We understand the pivotal role of community support in the success of a project. As such, we work to reach out to the community and encourage their input in the project launch process. We do not censor contrarian opinions in the chat rooms because they encourage us to improve.

Customized services

From design and video production services to advisory support for growth and marketing strategies, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your project. We can offer consulting for whatever stage you're at.


Coinecta will encourage every utility token issuer to use our vesting contracts to lock their tokens according to their tokenomics, establishing a strong bond of trust between projects and investors.


The token launch process takes place using smart-contracts when possible to ensure fund collection is safe and secure, and that token distribution follows the vesting schedule with no input from the team. By utilizing locked tokens with vesting NFTs, we offer a transparent approach, safeguarding buyers from possible market manipulations and encouraging project teams towards long-term growth.

Simple UI/UX

Our user-friendly interface offers simplicity and clarity. Important information for every utility token launch is easily accessible, and all necessary data is presented in a clear and concise overview.

Large User Base

Coinecta leverages the growing user base of Cardano, providing significant exposure for projects launching utility tokens, increasing their reach, and providing greater liquidity for investors.

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