How to redeem your vested tokens

In the event that an token launch distribution requires tokens to be vested over a period of time, you will be sent a vesting key when you contribute to a project. Vesting keys will be on-chain NFTs that represents the number of tokens you have purchased for the given token launch. This key will unlock tokens based on the vesting schedule, and you will be able to use it to interact with the smart contracts that send those tokens back to you as they unlock.

Redeeming is simple: navigate to the redeem page on the Coinecta user dashboard, choose the vesting NFTs you'd like to redeem from, and click on submit. You will be asked to sign the transaction which will send your vesting NFTs to the smart contract, and you will receive your unlocked tokens.

Vesting NFTs will also be used to lock up tokens provided to team members and advisors to ensure they only have access to their tokens based on the promised tokenomics. This is part of Coinecta's mission to provide fair and safe token launches to the Cardano ecosystem.

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