Q2/3 2023:
  • Conduct market research to identify potential opportunities and obstacles.
  • Create comprehensive documentation outlining the project's vision, goals, and technical specifications.
  • Establish and recruit a competent and knowledgeable team with expertise in crypto development.
  • Develop a detailed roadmap for the project's progression, including various milestones and deadlines.
  • To assure a sustainable value, design tokenomics, including distribution, supply, and utility.
  • Create a website to display project details and monitor progress.
Q4 2023:
  • Launch Coinecta through an IDO in order to raise funds to build the project and distribute tokens to early investors.
  • Design and compose the platform's structure, as well as the structure of its development and smart contracts.
  • Complete and deploy smart contracts for the token launch platform, such as contribution contracts, vesting mechanisms, and bootstrapping instruments.
  • Integrate staking contracts to provide internal staking services and to provide staking as a service for future IDOs.
  • Release the IDO platform and reveal the first IDOs
Q1 2024:
  • Enhance the dashboard by adding new features and functionalities, prioritizing user experience improvements.
  • Enable cross-chain IDOs to expand the area of application and interoperability of the platform.
  • Utilize resources and funds to grow the user base, reach out to different communities, and engage with venture capitalists to promote IDOs and attract more investors.
  • Deploy and share internal tools that facilitate IDOs, calculate tokenomics, and configure staking services.
  • Expand and optimize the promotion and marketing of our IDO platform and blockchain in order to attract more developers and startups to host their IDO on Coinecta and join the Cardano ecosystem.
Q2 2024:
  • Expand services to support numerous aspects of the IDO procedure, assisting applicants and other initiatives with marketing, design & video, development and more.
  • Establish a dedicated development team to assist other developers and initiatives in navigating the Cardano development and coding area.
  • Redesign the platform and website enhance the user experience to make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Integrate a function to launch NFT collections and modify the whitelisting and minting processes according to NFT launches.